Coshocton's Quilt Barn Trail


The Coshocton Heritage Quilt Barn Trail

Quilt Barn Squares are a unique slice of rural Americana, and the Coshocton Heritage Quilt Barn Trail is one of the most scenic trails in all of Ohio.

Featuring 12 hand-painted quilt squares, Coschocton's trail currently has two branches - a North Branch and a West Branch.  The North Branch begins in New Bedford and offers travelers the opportunity to discover 8 hand-painted squares along its 16-mile route.  Each quilt square is hand-painted with an historic quilt pattern and matched to a noted barn or farm building along the way.

You'll discover all 8 quilt barn squares on the North Branch as you travel south from New Bedford along OH-643 and continue south on OH-83 to find the last two quilt squares located in Roscoe Village and Clary Gardens The last two squares a less than one-half mile from the Roscoe Motor Inn

The West Trail is under construction and will feature 4 new quilt barn squares along its 10-mile route.  For more information, visit

The Roscoe Motor Inn is the best place to stay when you're traveling to see all the quilt barn squares in Coshocton County.  Our motel inn is located exactly at the intersection of both trails in Roscoe Village.