Enjoy breakfast just steps away from your room!

When you stay at the Roscoe Motor Inn, you'll find three delicious breakfast options within easy walking or driving distance from your room.

Ask our innkeeper for recommendations, or browse the list below.


Edie Ryan's Family Restaurant

Edie Ryan's Family Restaurant (740) 622-7822  
585 S. Whitewoman Street Coshocton, Ohio   
Open Mon-Sat 6am - 9pm Sunday 7am - 9pm

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Bob Evans Farm Restaurant

80 S. Whitewoman St. Coshocton, Ohio (740) 622-8375
Open Monday-Saturday 6am - 9pm Sunday 7am - 9pm
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Jerry's Great American Restaurant

275 S. Whitewoman St. Coshocton  (740) 622-6900
Open Monday-Saturday 6am - 9pm Sunday 7am - 9pm
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Taxi Service from our inn


Taxi service in CoshoctonShelly's Taxi offers 24-hour service from Roscoe Motor Inn throughout Coshocton County

(740) 622-4203